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    • Its is currently 24c inside a Solar Dwelling
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About Us

We create smarter, more sustainable homes

Solar Dwellings is Western Australia’s leader in passive solar homes. Established in 1991, we’ve won around 50 major housing awards (and we’re proud to say that’s more than anyone else in our field in WA.) Our founder and Director, Griff Morris, has been researching and designing passive solar homes since the late 1970s.

He’s now a leading national authority, teaching sustainable design and serving on many committees, including a Commonwealth Government committee on home energy efficiency. Our homes are judged amongst Australia’s best because they’re intelligently designed and very well constructed. They’re highly sustainable, universally accessible and incredibly comfortable to live in. They significantly cut energy and water costs - but they don’t cost the earth.

We’ve now created hundreds of very individual homes in Perth and regional Western Australia, offering a total service that includes land analysis, designing, costing and building.




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