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    • Its is currently 24c inside a Solar Dwelling
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2012 - HIA Greensmart - Smart Housing Award

2012 - HIA Greensmart - Water Efficiency Award

Dampier Avenue, City Beach

This stunning home boasts expansive individual & modern spacious separate living areas for parents, children & visiting relatives as well as communal areas. The home has energy & resource efficient features coupled with environmental conscious materials, water and waste systems and gardens including:

  • Large litre water tank capturing rainwater for use throughout the house
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • Biolytix waste treatment system treating wastewater for dispersion on-site via sub-surface irrigation system

2012 - HIA Greensmart - Design Concept Award

Grigg Place, Hilton

Design and construction of two 10 star energy efficient family homes that are being built using conventional building materials and construction methods to prove that resource efficient homes can be built at comparable cost and timeframe to regular houses and can easily be replicated by the industry and the wider community. Features include;

  • Thermally comfortable year round, without the need for air conditioning
  • Generate more electricity than they use
  • Harvest and recycle water
  • Maximises effective garden area to allow for health and lifestyle benefits such as natural shading,
  • children’s play areas and a productive garden to supply both houses with fresh food

2012 - HIA Greensmart - Partnership Award with Right Homes

Rutlands Avenue, Lathlain

This is a unique townhouse and unit development promoting sustainability and community, whilst providing a light, bright and airy feel to each home. Features include;

  • Varied construction materials including double brick, reverse brick veneer, straw bale and recycled materials
  • Multifunctional/multigenerational layouts to evolve with the changing needs of the owners
  • Heating and cooling by passive solar design principles, thermal mass and cross flow ventilation
  • Electricity will be provided by the Photovoltaic panels
  • Solar hot water system boosted by electricity which is supplied by the PV’s
  • Rainwater harvesting will supply water to both townhouses, units and the landscaping

2011 - Disability Future Directions Awards - Liveable Homes Award

Solar Dwellings

Solar Dwellings' focus on designing and building liveable homes provides people with disabilities and the elderly in our society with the means to live independently in their chosen community, with the support and companionship of family and friends. Independence in itself builds pride and a sense of self-worth.
By building homes that are comfortable and functional for families at any stage of life, with or without disabilities, we are also building communities. A family that does not have to move house as their needs change will be able to establish a far greater understanding of, and commitment to, their local community

2011 - HIA-The Laminex Group Kitchens & Bathrooms Awards - Universal Bathroom of the Year

2011 - HIA-The Laminex Group Kitchens & Bathrooms Awards - Universal Kitchen of the Year

Williamson Way, Trigg

This long term residence for a mature couple was designed to take them through to their old agewhilst still providing room for the much loved grandchildren. The 8.5m2 master ensuite bathroom provides an open, simple arrangement that is easy to manoeuvre in and easy to care for.
While the kitchen is the central focus of the large open plan, light filled living area that joins the two outdoor cooking and alfresco areas. It was necessary to provide entertaining, cooking and dining space for all the children and grandchildren when they come to visit.

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