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    • Its is currently 24c inside a Solar Dwelling
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Our Philosophy

Beautiful homes for you and the environment

Our philosophy is to craft stylish yet multi-functional homes that perfectly suit our clients’ lifestyles. We design for your family needs today - and well into the future.
Solar Dwellings offers you two design choices:
Individual designs
We create the home you may have dreamed about for years. It will be uniquely designed to reflect your desires, aspirations and your land.
Tailored designs
We start with one of our standard plans, then customise it to suit your lifestyle, needs and land. Our years of sustainable design experience are then built into a cost effective home.
Whichever type of design you choose, you’ll enjoy our highly knowledgeable and very personal  service.
And you’ll be doing the planet a favour, because all our homes have minimal impact on the environment. Our intelligent passive design means they’re energy and water efficient, they cut your energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They’re extremely comfortable to live in and universally accessible. Most are low allergen and you can also choose low-toxicity building processes and products.


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