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What we do for you

Why Solar Dwellings homes are very special places

Choose Solar Dwellings and you’re choosing a beautiful new way of living.

Our sustainable homes are incredibly comfortable to live in, because our intelligent passive solar design keeps them cosy in winter and cool in summer. Even better, you may hardly ever use heating or airconditioning.

Solar Dwellings homes are stylishly designed for the needs of your family today and well into the future. They’re multi-functional and universally accessible. Most are low allergen and you can also choose low-toxicity building processes and products.

And because they’re so energy and water efficient, they make a minimal impact on the environment and lessen your carbon footprint. They save a significant amount of money on running costs too. So it’s hard to imagine a better way to live.

You can choose from two types of Solar Dwellings homes, depending on your budget: Tailored Design or Individual Design.

Tailored Design Service

All our clients want a home that’s right for them – and for the environment.

Our Tailored Design Service is your best choice if you want all the benefits of sustainability without the bigger price tag of an individually designed home.

We’ll customise one of our standard plans, giving you the features you want in a home that’s cost-effective to build and low cost to run.

And, like all our homes, it will be simply beautiful to live in.

Here’s how it works.

Individual Design Service

We’ll create a home that’s uniquely yours, with all the features you want for stylish and luxurious living.

We’ll also incorporate all the intelligent passive solar design features that make your home highly sustainable with surprisingly low running costs.

Working closely with you, we’ll design a home that suits every stage of your life: a healthy, low allergen home for your growing family through to a very environmentally friendly space for your grandchildren.

Here’s how it works.

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