• Perth, WA. Thursday 1st January 1970
    • Its is currently 24c inside a Solar Dwelling
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Griff Morris, Founder & Director

Griff’s very significant contribution includes:

  • Inaugural Board member of the now Sustainable Energy Association
  • Teaching the Housing Industry Association (HIA) GreenSmart Professional Process for the past 15 years
  • Teaching sustainable design at University of Western Australia Extension
  • Member of the HIA Environmental Planning Committee
  • Chief Judge for the HIA Housing Awards, Kitchen & Bathroom Awards and the GreenSmart Awards
  • Member of two Disability Services Commission committees
  • Ambassador for the Disability Services Commission ‘Count Me In Project’ which encourages the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of life in WA
  • Member of the Commonwealth Government Committee regarding the Technical Advisory Manual for the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
  • Regular speaker at many public forums.


Think and act globally and locally
Griff strongly believes in living his commitment, thinking and acting globally and locally.
For more than 27 years he has given significant time and money to the Hunger Project.  A portion of Solar Dwellings’ annual profits are invested in projects to educate and empower women in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Central and South America, saving many lives over this time.
Griff’s strong interest in the health and wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants is expressed through his leading edge design principles. Every Solar Dwellings home is designed to be low allergen, passive solar, multi-functional and multi-generational. They’re very comfortable to live in and universally accessible.
Beyond Solar Dwellings, Griff enjoys cooking organic meals, maintaining his health and wellbeing, and gardening.
Griff and his Solar Dwellings staff have been recognised with numerous awards. They’ve also received much recognition for their work on notable projects such as the:

  • Mandurah Links Sustainable Home
  • Subiaco Sustainable Demonstration Home
  • Quattro in Queens Park Sustainable Home
  • The creation of two 10 star homes in Hilton with Josh Byrne, landscape architect and Gardening Australia’s WA presenter.



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