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How does passive solar design work?

Think of ‘passive solar design’, and you may think of solar panels. Yes, we can add solar panels to your sustainable new home, but we can make a huge difference to your impact on the environment simply through intelligent design.

This includes aspects such as your land, the orientation of your house, choice of building materials and positioning of windows and doors. Your Solar Dwellings home will be:

  • Much more sustainable than conventional homes
  • Very energy and water efficient
  • Much cheaper to run
  • Incredibly comfortable to live in.


Siting and orientation

The ideal orientation for your home is with living areas and large windows facing north, minimal windows to the east and west, and with the long axis of the home within 15° east or west of north. Additional shading gives us some flexibility with the axis. Read More

Winter warmth and summer cooling

We want to let the sun shine in when the weather’s cold, but keep it out in summer. So window positioning is critical. Read More

Natural cooling

At the end of a warm summer day, there’s nothing more welcome then a cool breeze flowing through your home. Placement of windows can be a very important factor in allowing cross ventilation for natural cooling. Read More

Stable internal temperatures

Homes built from the right materials, such as brick, concrete or stone, can stay at a comfortable temperature year-round. When we place solid materials in the right positions, your home will have sufficient thermal mass to absorb and store heat from the winter sun. Read More


Insulation is a barrier to heat flow, and most homebuilders include ceiling insulation as standard. We recommend both ceiling and under-roof insulation to retain winter warmth and exclude summer heat. Read More


Intelligent landscaping does a lot more than simply enhance the exterior of your home and provide shady, pleasurable places to relax. Read More

Try our interactive floor plan

Our interactive floor plan sums it all up. Try it – it’s fun and it shows our design principles in action.

What is a smart home?

A smart home goes beyond passive solar design by using additional intelligent design principles. Read More

Living passive solar

The pleasure and comfort of living in a home that suits the climate can't really be measured – it's just so much more enjoyable. Read More

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