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What will building a passive solar home mean for you? It looks good, is healthy, saves on running costs, will age with you, will be bright and airy and will feel great.

The real question is what it will cost if you don’t? 

Solar Dwellings fees structure involves a minor upfront cost. This cost is a low, long term cost that is worked out with our clients based on the cost of the home per square metre.

Other designers and builders have different costing systems e.g. a flat cost for ‘going through the process’

With Solar Dwellings fees the prices include all the energy efficiency upgrades including;

  • site and orientation
  • insulation
  • windows
  • airflow
  • shading
  • landscaping
  • mass

The final product is an individual home that will be worth more in the future and at point of sale.

We pride ourselves on having a very open process and are happy to walk through the costing process.

We partner with you to create a home that serves you and your family now and well in to the future.




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