57 Shakespeare St, Mt Hawthorn
(08) 9444 4400

Photos of our home!

Mt Hawthorn

The Client’s brief for this stunning Mt Hawthorn home was to design a spacious home that catered for a young active family, utilised the block and while being modern inside, from the outside replicated the character of homes in the area.

The timber decked verandah area with moulded decorative window sills and nearby water-feature at the front of the home were specifically requested by the clients to create a social area to sit and relax.

The focus inside the home is on family living with open plan spacious kitchen, living and dining areas that for owner means when they are in the kitchen they have 180 degree view of living areas to keep an eye on the children.

The design incorporates passive solar design principles to provide year round comfortable internal temperatures. Universal access and low allergen principles add to the homes long term livability and the incorporation of sustainable design principles and use of standard construction techniques ensures the home achieves a high level of performance while remaining cost effective to build.  These features include:   

  • Orientated directly north for excellent  passive solar heating in winter
  • The design takes into account overshadowing from the neighboring house. Pushing the house back onto the southern boundary ensured taking advantage of maintaining egress of the sun into living areas of the home.
  • The front verandah to the west and the backyard to the east provide additional northern exposure for passive solar heat gain in winter to southern rooms.
  • A bank of timber double hung timber windows, which also act as a pool balustrade, allow for excellent passive solar heat gain in winter and were been selected to provide necessary cross ventilation from the prevailing south west cooling summer breezes and for night purging.
  • Internal brick walls to northern rooms provide essential vertical thermal mass
  • Living areas and alfresco located on the north for superior winter solar access.
  • Cedar-lined alfresco area with feature limestone wall provides protection from summer sun.
  • Bedrooms upstairs located to the south allowing for best access to cooling afternoon summer breezes.
  • Outside, the south side of the home is graded  to allow for wheelchair and walking frame access
  • Inside the home allows access for people in wheelchairs  or using walking frames:
    • All doorways are double doors or 870mm wide
    • Wider corridors and generous circulation areas
    • Large wide shower recesses with flush thresholds
    • Semi recessed vanity basins 
    • Flush threshold to alfresco area
    • Provision made for future installation of grab rails to the wet areas
  • Lever handles  to all doors and D Handles to kitchen cabinets
  • Extensive use of drawers in the kitchen cabinets  ease access and maximise storage
  • Wide staircase to allow for easy installation of  stair chairlift in the future
  • Lever handles to all taps
  • Stone work was dug in at the far rear of the block to create feature, retain existing trees and locate the children’s cubby house, vegetable garden, compost bin, worm farm and chicken coop

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